TV Review: Glitch on ABC

Glitch starring Patrick Brammall on ABC TV
Glitch starring Patrick Brammall on ABC TV

When the TV landscape has been so recently littered with shows about people coming back from the dead, its hard to imagine adding another to the mix and it being able to stand out from the crowd. However, giving an Aussie take on the paranormal drama, Glitch may well be that show.

Set in the fictional town of Yoorana (with a beautiful back drop of Australian landscape), Glitch tells the story of what happens when six residents return from the dead. While not zombies, they are actually in perfect health, except with no memory of who they are.

The shows main focus is on James (Patrick Brammall), Yoorana’s local cop. He is reuinted with his wife Kate, the most recent of the deceased. However, each of the former residents, all from different periods of time, have interesting stories to tell, once they start remembering.

Their present is obviously as much of a puzzle to anyone. Why are they back? How did they return? These questions are not easily solved, but it does make Glitch a thought provoking drama, with enough paranomal mystery to hold your attention.

Patrick Brammall is fantastic in this production and is joined by an equally great cast such as Rodger Corser and Andrew McFarlane. It was these names which initally drew me to the show, but I couldn’t have been happier to discover an all over strong cast, bringing their characters to life (pun not intented).

Glitch airs on ABC Thursdays at 8:30pm, but if you’re like me and can’t wait that long, the entire series can be viewed on ABC iview right now. Check it out here.