Review: Good Dog, Whiskey by K. Kobi


Written by: K. Kobi
Artwork by: K. Kobi
Review: Kate @ All That Geek.

Good Dog, Whiskey is a heart wrenching story created by Kent Kobi about a dog who has been loyally sitting by his owners grave for some time, mourning the loss of his friend. When Whiskey finally curls up and closes his eyes, he opens them to find the grave now a mysterious opening with stairs leading down into darkness. Whiskey is confused but he knows his friend is down there. Now he has a chance to search for him and be reunited.

Kobi says the story came to him in a dream which he awoke from feeling unsettled, like the sole survivor of an event that he had to retell. I personally, am very glad he did. The story is a must for any dog lover, or for anyone who has known the loyal companionship of a pet. Its touching, sad and will most likely have you reaching for your tissues, but the journey is worth it.

The beautiful high contrast artwork adds a wonderful layer to the story, capturing the emotions of the dog perfectly.

You can buy Good Dog, Whiskey from Kings Comics (Sydney), Amazon, or The Book Depository.

You can find Kent Kobi on Twitter: @kentkobi and Good Dog, Whiskey on Facebook