Book Review: Another Good Dog by Cara Sue Achterberg

Title: Another Good Dog: One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs
Author: Cara Sue Achterberg
Release: August 7th 2018

Description: When Cara felt her teenaged children slipping away and saw an empty nest on the horizon, she decided the best way to fill that void was with dogs—lots of them—and so her foster journey began.

Review: 3 out of 5 Stars

A wonderfully written insight into the world of fostering dogs. I really enjoyed reading the authors journey of looking after these dogs and the funny, heartwarming or sad stories that went along with them.

The downside for me, was the authors own dog who comes across feeling like a burden. At one stage in the book she is referred to as dumb and lazy and only kept because the children love her. She admits to not putting the effort into training Gracie and concludes in the end that maybe she should stop wanting her to be something she wasn’t and accept her for the dog she was. I hope she finally did this as it is disheartening to read from someone who seems so passionate about rescue.

Otherwise, a delightful read with some good information if you’re thinking about fostering yourself.

I received an advance copy from NetGalley for an honest review

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Book Review: Downward Dog: Very Serious Haiku from a Very Serious Dog

Title: Downward Dog: Very Serious Haiku from a Very Serious Dog
Author: Samm Hodges, Phinheas Hodges, Illustrated by Idil Gozde
Release: May 16th 2017

Description: A book of haiku and illustrations from the mind of Martin, the talking, angst-ridden, introspective dog from the ABC TV series, Downward Dog.

Review: 5 out of 5 Stars

This was a sweet little book, a collection of Hiakus and drawings in the point of view of Martin the dog. Some of them were quite sad, quite deep and a lot relatable. Are there are some great sketches that accompany some of the poems.

Its definitely a book you could enjoy even if you’ve not seen the series before.

I received an advance copy from NetGalley for an honest review

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Book Review: The Power of Dog by Andrew G. Marshall

Title: The Power of Dog
Author: Andrew G. Marshall
Release: July 12th 2018

Description: On the eve of the millennium, the life of therapist and best-selling self-help author Andrew Marshall was in a dark place. Despite trying three different therapists, had not shifted the grief from the death of his much-loved partner. His career as a journalist had reached a dead end. He was struggling with low-level depression and his polite but distant relationship with his mother had left them both tip-toeing around each other.

His solution? To get Flash, a collie cross puppy – perhaps not the best choice for someone who’d never owned a dog, or even lived with one, before. In this funny and moving memoir, Marshall chronicles not only the ups and downs of training an excitable puppy but how slowly but surely, Flash taught Marshall to laugh again and helped to heal old wounds.

Review: 4 out of 5 Stars

The sweet story of Andrew and his first dog Flash – told in diary entry style – and what it was like for a man in his 40s owning his first puppy after the death of his partner Thom. As always, I love these kind of novels. It was heart warming and I loved reading about their journey together.

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Review: The X-Files Vol. 1: The Agents, The Bureau and The Syndicate (Titan Comics)

Publisher: Titan Comics
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Review: Kate
To celebrate the return of the hugely popular sci-fi TV series, Titan Comics shine a light on The X-Files once more in this essential new collection commemorating the iconic TV show. (Features content previously published in the official X-Files Magazine.)

The Official X-Files Magazine, published by Titan since 1996, was a much sought after item in my house back in the day. It was a tricky thing to get at my local newsagents and my collection ended up in dribs and drabs.

So I was excited to hear of Titans first new X-Files book, The Agents, The Bureau and The Syndicate. An amalgamation of interviews and articles from said magazines, it was enough to make my little X-Phile heart leap with joy.

This first volume features interviews with Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis and Nicholas Lea, just to name a few. Theres a profile for the character each the actor played and some articles on the impact the show had.

While its taken me some time to get through all the articles – and I’m still reading – its interesting to take a step back in time and read the attitudes and reactions of those on the show was when each interview was documented.

There’s also some fun stuff such as a guide to Mulder and Scully’s apartments – in case you ever want to go retro and copy their decorating tastes. Perhaps my favourite thing are the guides to being the next Mulder or Scully with great tips like have a close relationship with your partner – if you ask Chris Carter, its only platonic, right?

With some great quotes, gorgeous photos through out the book and more nostalgia than you can poke a stick at, it makes it a must-have for X-Philes old and new.

Book Review: The Rule Of Knowledge by Scott Baker


Author: Scott Baker
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Length: 422 pages
Genre: Thriller / Adventure

At Sydney Supanova in June, I attended a writers panel where Scott Baker spoke about his debut novel The Rule of Knowledge. The promise of it being a cross between Indiana Jones and Back To The Future was instantly appealing to me and it wasn’t until I opened the pages that I was delighted to discover there were also elements of Spartacus/Gladiator and The Da Vinci Code. I was also fortunate enough to get the very last copy available that weekend and have it personally signed.

The Rule Of Knowledge is an epic adventure of Shaun Strickland, an every day guy turned hero by necessity.

Shaun is a happily married high school teacher who receives a last-minute invitation from Cambridge University to present a paper on the relationship between time and space, something he has been studying his whole life. As he and his wife are travelling through the night to make their flight, their car slams into something that appears suddenly from the bushes.

From that moment on, Shaun’s life is changed forever. On the run and being hunted by killers, a strange book holds the key to the mystery slowly unraveling before him.

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