Book Review: Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade

Title: Life on the Leash
Author: Victoria Schade
Release: September 18th 2018

Description: Must Love Dogs meets My Not So Perfect Life in this hilarious romantic comedy about a dog trainer who’s a master at managing her four-legged friends, but when it comes to her love life…let’s just say she still has a lot to learn.

Review: 1 out of 5 Stars

I was hoping to read a cute piece of chick-lit with some interesting doggy counterparts but I got a hot-mess of stereotypes, uninteresting characters that lacked real diversity, and a plot that went nowhere.

For a dog trainer, Cora Bellamy has the right idea, no force or aggression and lots of positive reinforcement. However, in her very first dog training session in the book, she tethers a dog to a closet door to stop it from jumping on house guests. I really should have stopped reading there. And ok, her training methods don’t get worse, but her personality does.

I felt like I was reading a YA novel a lot of the time, Cora was very immature and her biggest flaw for me was pursuing a client in a relationship simply because he was hot and she was horny. On the flip side, her other love interest is so dull and lacked chemistry, I’ve already forgotten him.

While I could go in to greater detail about how she annoyed me, the french speaking, the slut-shaming, the cutesy antics that were supposed to endear me, there’s plenty of reviews covering those.

My other main gripe with this book is the very obvious “evil dog trainer” a Russian caricature of someone very famous. It could not have been more obvious if the author beat me over the head with it and most of the time I felt like I was. Look, all of us that know better, hate that trainer. And Victoria Schade, as a trainer herself, no doubt has many issues with him also. But I did not need his likeness recreated as the most stereotypical villain (Russian, really??) who was apparently too sexy to hate? Please.

Very disappointed as I had heard lots of praise for this one.

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