Report: Sydney Supanova 2015

After complete confusion over my entry – from the volunteers, not me – I finally got into Supanova 2015 when it opened late on Friday. I had a fairly mixed time at the show this year, maybe because I wasn’t there to see the ‘big’ names that things went a little smoother, but here is my quick summary of the good and bad.


  • The complimentary photo you get when you buy an autograph token has finally, FINALLY, been moved to the celebs signing table. Supanova have been asked to do this for years with no changes. The successful system has been in place for overseas conventions and at the very first Oz Comic Con in 2012. However, for some reason, ‘Nova still had theirs at the token table causing the worst congestion you can think of. So well done for finally listening Supanova, but its taken way too long.
  • I love the new photo printing system. Fast, efficient and no one takes/damages your photo in the crush to get them.


  • The new entrance is ridiculous. Yes it might be smoother for lining up etc, but for people with mobility problems and asthma, this is the worst change ever. I saw someone in a wheelchair ask for help to be pushed because they were worn out trying to get to the entrance. 400 meters either way (making the walk a total of 800m) doesn’t seem like a lot if you’re physically capable, but trust me, it is.
  • Lack of announcements. I missed half the Infini Q&A because it was moved last minute. Getting from the seminar room to the film ink theatre – which was from one side of the grounds to the other – at peak crowds on Saturday meant I arrived very late. And I never heard a single announcement about.


  • Lines were a bit better than last year, though not by much. I still waited nearly two hours in the token line and I was close to the front. But not the appalling 3-4 hours I waited even with a specialty ticket last year.
  • I’m mixed about going outside to get to the cosplay/film ink theatre. I think its good that the lines aren’t flowing back into the main floor anymore, but if the line is overflowing out of the building, you’re likely to get cold and rained on. At one stage we were made to walk the entire grounds to get back in from a panel rather than enter through the closest doors. The new entries for the theatres weren’t explained either, I only found out where to go from my friend who had been to a panel on Friday.

Guests and shopping:

There seemed to be even  more vendors this year, which is great. I picked myself up a few bits and pieces – it would be nice if they were selling more X-Files things, but that’s not a negative about the show, just my own personal issue. From my purchases, I have a few comics and books to read and hopefully review in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those.

My main reason for attending this year was Dean Haglund (One third of The X-Files Lone Gunmen, Langly) the Spartacus boys (hooboy!) and everything Infini.

Everyone I met was so amazingly nice this year. I chatted to Dean Haglund for a long while about The X-Files (of course). The Spartacus guys were so sweet during my photo op – including a huge hug from Todd Lasance. And their Sunday panel was easily the best I have been to at any convention ever. I hope they’re back at another con soon.

The cast and crew from Infini are the nicest bunch of people ever. They were all happy to chat and thanked me for my review (which you can read here) and I can’t thank Dan MacPherson enough posing for photos! Let’s face it, my teenage self was a little giddy meeting him while hopefully my 30 year old self kept it cool. The posters they were signing for free were fantastic. I can’t wait to get mine framed.

So another reasonable year at Supanova. Now on to Oz Comic Con in September.

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