Review: Doctor Who Tenth Doctor #3 (Titan Comics)


Publisher: Titan Comics
Written by: Nick Abadzis
Artwork by: Elana Casagrande
Review: Kate @ All That Geek.

Terror has gripped Sunset Park, Brooklyn on the Day of the Dead, in the form of Cerebravores, manifesting as people’s worst fears! The Doctor’s investigation set him on a collision course with the irrepressibly curious Gabriella Gonzalez, and, after saving her from a Cerebravore on the Subway, the pair tracked the incursion back to Gabby’s father’s laundromat, where strange vibrations had opened a wormhole! The Doctor left Gabby to keep the bizarre wormhole open, while he traveled to the other end of the dimensional bridge. Both now find themselves under attack!


In the dramatic conclusion to the first Tenth Doctor story from Titan, we see The Doctor save the day (of course!) and acquire himself a new companion.

I found this issue more exciting than the last, not weighed down by heavy dialogue. Though there certainly was a lot of it at times, it seemed to flow better in this issue and the story kept moving at a good pace. There was equal attention paid to each area of the story, explaining where the Cerebravores came from, interaction with Gabby and the dramatic action sequences as The Doctor once again saves the day.

There were some nice exchanges between The Doctor and Gabby, particularly at the end where The Doctor is reminded of something from his past and it ultimately makes him change his mind about letting her travel with him. Its little references like this that really make me enjoy the comic and feel Nick Abadzis has taken the time to get to know the Tenth Doctor and write him as we’ve seen him on screen.

There isn’t anything I can say about Elana Casagrande’s art that I haven’t said in my previous reviews, it continues to be fantastic, capturing perfectly the essence of the 10th Doctor and those wide-eyed expressions we loved so much. Every panel is drawn beautifully and detailed.

Overall an enjoyable issue with a satisfying, exciting ending and I am looking forward to see where The Doctor and Gabby’s adventures take them next!

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor #3 is avaialble from Titan Comics.

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