Review: The X-Files by Frank Spotnitz, Marv Wolfman and Doug Moench (WildStorm Comics)

Publisher: WildStorm (2009)
Written by: Frank Spotnitz, Marv Wolfman and Doug Moench
Artwork by: Brian Denham
Review: Kate @ All That Geek.

THE X-FILES lives on in this new collection that serves as a lost season of the smash-hit TV series. Mulder and Scully are sent to San Francisco to solve a string of murders, then become targets of the Tong underworld and travel to the mysterious Badlands to investigate a series of disappearances in this title collecting THE X-FILES #0-6.

In 2008/09 following the second X-Files movie, WildStorm released seven comics based on The X-Files television show which were set to further expand on the series. The first three issues are penned by X-Files executive producer and writer Frank Spotnitz which is where this collection shines. Telling two different stories of possession, Spotnitz talent as a writer on the show easily translates to the pages of a comic. They felt like they could have been two missing episodes from the series.

Its hard to find a comic writer who really captures the essence of the show and keeps Mulder and Scully in character but Wolfman and Moench do fairly good job at capturing our favourite FBI Agents. Their stories, one dealing mysticism and triads the other about underground creatures (and the hollow earth theory) were interesting and kept me glued to the pages and they felt faithful to the series.

My main complaint with this series is the timeline. Supposedly set in the X-Files prime, around season 2 to 5 (1994-97) it becomes clear that its 2008/09 in the comics timeline. This places them around the second X-Files movie and well after Mulder and Scully have left the FBI. Its jarring as a fan and could have easily been avoided by a few changes in the writing.

The artwork and colouring is absolutely fantastic. By far my favourite that I have seen in any X-Files comic to date. I felt immersed in Mulder and Scully’s world because they actually looked like who they were supposed to without appearing to be screen grabs from the series. The colouring is dark and moody all throughout the stories, keeping to that creepy X-Files feel.

Overall, it was a good set of “monster of the week” stories that became so synonymous with show. There were a few easter eggs for fans really paying attention and its a great read for fans who are craving more of the old series.

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