TV Nostalgia: The Secret World Of Alex Mack

alex-mackIf you grew up in the 90s chances are you watched this next show in my TV nostalgia flashback. The Secret World of Alex Mack was a teen sci-fi drama that aired from 1994 to 1998 on Nickelodeon in the US and ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) here in my country. I remember it was always a favourite that I would never miss when I got home from school.

alex-mack (1)For those unfamiliar with the series let me give you a little introduction. Alex Mack is an ordinary teenage girl until, on the way home from her first day of junior high, she is nearly hit by a truck from the local chemical plant. She gets covered in a top-secret chemical called GC161 which changes life as she knows it. She develops superpowers. Telekinesis, the ability to shoot electricity from her fingers and morph into a puddle. They don’t sound like the most useful powers but Alex uses them to navigate her way through high school and life in general.

She keeps her powers secret, only telling her budding scientist sister, Annie and best friend Ray. Alex fears that she’ll be locked up and have experiments performed on her. The CEO of the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant, Danielle Atron is the evil-doing antagonist of the series. She knows there is a child out there that has powers from GC161 and spends far too much time trying to find out who it is. So not only does Alex have to deal with being a teenager, she has to outwit would-be captors who always get THISCLOSE to discovering her.

alexmack_8822One of the things that is especially great about the show is how relatable I remember it being. Alex is a bit of a tomboy, not part of the popular crowd in school and a bit awkward at times. Larisa Oleynik brings some great acting to her portrayal of Alex.

The show had some great dramatic storylines and just the right amount of humour. The series grew and aged with the audience and came to an exciting climax at the end of season 4. It was a series that was lucky enough to have a proper and satisfying ending. Though I guess you could say there is a slight cliffhanger, but nothing that will make you throw things at your TV, more of an audience decides what happens next.

I havent had a chance to find it for a rewatch, which is why this review is so brief, but if you can track the show down, and there are episodes posted on vimeo, I would highly recommend it.

For now, check out this intro:

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